Double Kitchen Sink with Tail Piece
Double Kitchen Sink with Tail Piece
Double Kitchen Sink with Tail Piece
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Double Kitchen Sink with Tail Piece

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The drain is made of flexible PVC pipes with a diameter of 40mm, 1.57 inches, or 4cm. The tube is completely smooth on the inside helping prevent the build-up of food waste while the exterior is spiral twisted. Get ready to totally transform the look of your pipes and we can't wait to give your family and the repair person ease when doing any needed maintenance! Our pipe also forms a P-trap so no need for an additional creation of one!
  • Smooth in the inside preventing built up of gunk
  • The pipe forms a P-trap, no need to make another one
  • Modern, Quick and easy to install!

For installation in all types of double kitchen sinks already having an inlet with grate and 6/4“ threaded connection, with dishwasher next to them.

Main characteristics:

  • Flexible PVC pipe diameter 40 mm (40mm, 1.57 inches, or 4cm) with smooth interior and spiral wound corrugated exterior
  • A connector is available for your dishwasher